Company profile
Shenzhen Jiezhi Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. The company adheres to the innovative concept of "Development through innovation, and progress through professionalism".
The company’s main brand, Da Fulan, was established in July 2016. It is the first brand in the country that combines Hunan rice noodles with snacks and brings them to Shenzhen’s first-line core shopping centers. In the 12th round, 3 branches received investment assistance from the Chinese investment company Hony Capital and Jiurun Changfa Capital.
Brand story
Dafulan's main Hunan snacks, handmade rice noodles,
Based on the concept of spreading the food culture of Huxiang, Hunan cuisine will be delivered to the whole of China.
In order to restore the essence of Hunan rice noodles, visit Hunan folk masters,
Study traditional crafts. The flour is cooked, the soup is boiled, and the code is fried.
Using raw materials directly supplied by Hunan will allow you to return to Great Hunan in one bite.

Development history

  • July 2016


    The origin
    The first store of Dafulan landed in Shenzhen Jiufang Shopping Center, the first in the country Combine Hunan rice noodles with snacks and bring them to the first line of Shenzhen Brands of core shopping malls
  • 2017


    -Expanded to 3 branches in a year
    The daily turnover rate is 8-16 rounds
    Acquired China Investment Corporation
    Investment assistance from Hony Capital and Jiurun Changfa Capital
  • 2019


    Big Fulan broke through 20 stores in Shenzhen area
    Officially open to the whole country
    Franchise Recruitment Plan
  • 2020

    Whole country

    Dafulan's first store in Beijing, Yiwandafengke store
    The official opening opened the pace of Da Fulan's expansion to the whole country
  • 2025


    Big Fulan will use the five cities of Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanjing
    Radiate the surrounding area for the origin
    The number of stores is expected to exceed 500

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